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I love short sharp catchy quotes that grab attention and get remembered. I try to come up with, and use as many as I can to help spread the message that physio is more than just poking, rubbing, prodding!

If you want to help spread the word then I have put some of my most memorable, some will say cheesy, one liners onto t-shirts to try and promote a more simple, practical, honest message with physio.

I am producing these t-shirts with TeeMill at a RRP of £19 so please click here to see my full range that I will be updating and changing regularly. If you find something you like ordering is simple, fast and reliable with a full money back guarantee.

Go on join the cheesy physio one liner gang… you know you want to, and remember…

‘You can’t go wrong gettin’ strong’


Due to some recent pathetic complaints about these t-shirts by some physios who feel threatened by t-shirt slogans, some accusations have been made that I am doing these only for profit or self promotion.

Well I was making about £2 per shirt after costs, but due to these pitiful, feeble complaints I have decided that ALL profits from these t-shirts will be donated to Save the Children

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