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As a physio with an interest in the shoulder, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s leading experts over the years and I have learned much from them. However, I found that there is an overwhelming amount of confusing and conflicting opinions, methods, and research on how to assess, treat and manage shoulder problems and this never sat well with me.

I find that a simple straightforward approach works well with most things in physio and shoulder issues are no different. However, doing things simply can be challenging for physios due to worrying they will appear stupid or incompetent to their patients or peers or get inferior results.

This left me wondering that there must be a way to demonstrate how keeping it simple is both effective and evidenced-based for shoulder conditions, and give physios the confidence to focus on doing the simple things really well.

So I designed my own course that attempts to highlight that although “shoulders are complex, they don’t have to be complicated”

Course Outline

This fast-paced, information-packed course is firmly based on the latest research as well as my own experience and is constantly updated. It demonstrates how our assessments and treatments are surrounded by uncertainty, and how they are not as specific or sensitive as many would like us to think. As distressing as this may sound I show it can be an advantage and allows you to focus on what matters the most, the patient.

This course has been developed over a decade of experience and has taken two years of painstaking work to write, and even lead to three small clinical trials of my own. It won’t promise you quick fixes, miracle treatments, or fancy interventions, but it will give you the confidence that doing the simple things well is both effective and evidence-based. It will also provide you with plenty of practical tips that you can use in the clinic immediately.

Now in its fourth year, these widely acclaimed courses aim to be informative, informal, and fun. Presented in my own unique and occasionally controversial style we explore the myths and misconceptions that surround a lot of physiotherapy and look for a simpler way forward.

For an idea of my course see this short video below…

and this review of 2017 here…

Course Objectives

  • Simplify your assessment and management of the most commonly encountered shoulder problems
  • Expose some myths around shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and pathology
  • Explore the evidence on our assessments and diagnosis of shoulder issues
  • Examine how best to assess shoulder movement, muscle function, proprioception, and the kinetic chain
  • Practice basic and higher-level shoulder exercises with ideas on how to program and structure an evidenced-based rehab plan

Course Timetable


Dates and Venues:


  • 31-1st Sept: Denmark
    • Copenhagen: SOLD OUT
  • 7-8th Sept: Belgium
    • Ghent; SOLD OUT
  • 22-23rd Sept: USA
    • Washington DC with Erik Meira: SOLD OUT
  • 29-30th Sept: USA
    • Chicago, with Erik Meria; SOLD OUT
  • 20-21st Oct: UK
    • London, SOLD OUT
  • 28-29th Oct: Israel
    • Tel Aviv: SOLD OUT
  • 3-4th Nov: UK
    • Yorkshire; Info and Bookings here
  • 30 Nov-1st Dec: Spain
    • Valencia, Info and Bookings here


  • 13-14th Jan: Israel
    • Tel Aviv; SOLD OUT
  • 19-20th Jan: UK
    • Birmingham: Info and Bookings here
  • 25-26th Jan: Holland
    • Nijmegen: Info and Bookings here
  • 28-29th Jan; Germany
    • Berlin: Info and Bookings here
  • 2-3rd Feb: Lithuania
    • Kaunas; Info and Bookings here
  • 19-20th Feb: USA
    • San Diego; Info and Bookings here
  • 23-24th Feb: Germany
    • Dusseldorf; Details TBC
  • 1-2nd Mar: Switzerland
    • Zurich; Details TBC
  • 23-24th Mar: Canada
    • Vancouver: Info and Bookings here
  • 30-31st Mar: Canada
    • Calgary: Info and Bookings here
  • 5-6th Apr: USA
    • Oregon: Details Coming Soon
  • 17-18th May: Belgium
    • Leuven; Details Coming Soon
  • 1-2nd Jun: Hong Kong:
    • Details Coming Soon
  • 7-8th Jun: Singapore:
    • Details Coming Soon
  • 6-7th July: UK 
    • Maidstone: Details Coming Soon
  • 17-18th Aug: UK
    • London: Details Coming Soon
  • 14-15th Sept: Czech Republic
    • PragueDetails Coming Soon
  • 21-22nd Sept: Poland
    • Warsaw: Details Coming Soon
  • 11th Oct: Norway
    • Trimmen; Details Coming Soon
  • 12-13th Oct: Norway
    • Lillestrom; Details Coming Soon
  • 19-20th Oct: USA
    • Chicago: Simple Solutions with Erik Meira; Details Coming Soon
  • 26-27th Oct: USA
    • Venue TBC: Simple Solutions with Erik Meira; Details Coming Soon
  • 16-17th Nov: Australia 
    • Brisbane; Details Coming Soon
  • 20th Nov: Australia
    • Gold Coast; Details Coming Soon
  • 23-24th Nov; Australia 
    • Sydney; Details Coming Soon
  • 27th Nov; Australia 
    • Newcastle; Details Coming Soon
  • 30 Nov – 1st Dec; Australia 
    • Melbourne; Details Coming Soon

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