2018 BLOGS

Rehab Rules!

Find another excuse!

The Big R’s… Reform or Revolution?

Low motivation!

Low tolerance!

That’s not how it works!

Why so soon?

Why don’t physios exercise? a guest blog by Nick Emery

More manual therapy bickering

A hole in the blanket


Re-evaluating manual therapy

Good news for low back pain

Down under

Strength stretching

How to recognise a physio dinosaur… a guest blog by Lars Avemarie

2017 BLOGS

Highs, lows, and plateaus!

A positive bias

Swings, roundabouts and CSAWs

The Big R’s

Finding common ground

Manual therapy sucks!

20 unpopular opinions… a guest blog by Lars Avemarie

Top 10 (honest) reasons physios are heroes… a blog with Sandesh Rangnekar

Just breathe

The 10 best therapists

The most special test

Why treatments appear to work?

Is physio a placebo?

Push or hold?

Adam is right… a guest blog by Tom Goom

Physios are too soft

Great expectations

What gives us the right… a guest blog by David Poulter

All aboard the surgery bandwagon

Stiff, but not stiff stiff

That’s what I SAID

Effective but not intrusive… a guest blog by Tom Goom

Just run… a guest blog by Damien Thacker

Abandon all movement assessments… a guest blog by Stuart Wright

Pump up the volume

I’m just a physio!

Mind the gap!

The symptom modification straw man 

Ch, ch, ch, changes

Mythbusters, busted?

A picture is not always worth a 1000 words.

2016 BLOGS

Review of 2106: Annus horribilis?

Liar, Liar

My agenda

A different perspective

Reflections from the Norwegian sports medicine conference 2016

Sports injuries can be tough

Giving less and less

Slings of outrageous misfortune

Shoulder decompression under more pressure

Less is more, more or less!

Talking a good game!

Do no harm, do nothing!

Does symptom modification need a procedure?

Beer and Sports Injuries… a guest blog by Tim Gabbett

Finding the G spot… a guest blog by Tom Goom

Lets pie crust and tenderise… a guest blog by Paul McCarrol

Closing the window of opportunity

It’s not you, its me

We are not cars

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

Profanity in Physiotherapy

Support our Doctors!

Reflections from RTP2016

Are you perturbed?

Who is fit to teach?

A legend speaks… a guest blog by Tom Goom

New physios, new rules… a guest blog by anon

Get a grip!

Physiotherapists or pseudo psychologist?

Reflections from Sports Kongres 2016

Defending the skeptics

Some solutions for your resolutions

2015 BLOGS

Tis the season to reflect

What’s in a name?

Reassurance… a guest blog by Ian Stevens

Frozen Shoulders? Let it go, let it go…

Changes, challenges, and opportunities for the shoulder!

Its hip to be square… a guest blog by Ben Mathew

Do you even motor control?

The wonder physio… a guest blog by Paul Westwood

So you’re offended, well its your own fault

Conferences suck

Mulling over Mulligans musings

I ‘Carneiro’ believe it!

Snugging not shrugging

Physio or a firefighter… a guest blog by Tom Goom

I respectfully disagree

Fending off dinosaurs

The bullshit detection rules

Is it OK to K Tape?

High ankle sprains… a guest blog by Tom Whittamore

All thats wrong with so called sports physios

So what! a guest blog by Jack Chew

The problem with rehab exercises

The upper traps: take 2

Squeezing some facts out of BFR training… a guest blog by Paul Head

The 10 worst types of therapist!

Are you priming your patients for pain? a guest blog by Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen

Reflections from Sports Kongres Copenhagen 2015

2014 BLOGS

The Rotator Cuff: To fatigue or not to fatigue?

Upper limb deep vein thrombosis: A case study

The Hazard Phase

A pain in the butt a guest blog by Chris Littlewood

Critical thinking: Take 2

Manual therapy, a change in perception

How long is this gonna take?

Tendons, lets talk inflammation! a guest blog by Ben Dean

Trigger points or soft tissue sore spots of an unknown origin?

Are you a qualification snob?

A Tigers Tale… or rather its Sacrum

All aboard… the latest bandwagon!

Mirror, mirror on the wall… a guest blog by Ben Dean

My interview on The Physio Matters Podcast

There is NO skill in manual therapy!

How do you take your Placebo… Clear or Cloudy?

Rotator Cuff Disease a guest blog by Benoy Mathew

Diagnostic Palpation: Is it an Art, a Skill or just an Illusion?

So you want to be a Sports Physio eh…! a guest blog by Gary Anderson

Pseudo Paralysis

My 10 Commandments of Physiotherapy!

Psoas… please release me… let me go!

Brace yourselves… we’re talking ‘Core Stability’ a Guest blog by Ben Smith

My WORST 5 shoulder rehab exercises

My TOP 5 shoulder rehab exercises

The Long and Short of… Leg Length Differences

2013 BLOGS

Shoulder Instability Part 4: Adverse Muscle Patterning

Shoulder Instability Part 3: Non Traumatic Causes

Shoulder Instability Part 2: Traumatic Causes

Shoulder Instability Part 1: An Introduction

Why does my shoulder hurt? a guest blog by Ben Dean

Scapular Stability, challenging current practice. a guest blog by Chris Littlewood

The myths of foot orthoses. a guest blog by Ian Griffiths

The Postero-Lateral Corner… The Dark Side of the Knee A guest blog by Richard Norris

What’s the best way to treat a painful Sacroiliac Joint?

What is the best way to reliably assess the Sacroiliac Joint?

Critical thinker? Or just an arse?

Rotator cuff tears: cables and crescents

The Upper Trapezius, over looked, over blamed & misunderstood

Shoulder pains, GIRDs and sleeper stretches

2012 BLOGS

Shoulder impingement, some extra thoughts

Should endurance athletes do weights a guest blog by Andy McDonough

I am the sports physio….

Prolotherapy ‘Is it as sweet as it sounds?’

Hanging on by a Hamstring a guest blog on

The ‘Nervous’ Nervous System

How to reduce your risk of injury when playing football

Runners Knee Pain a guest blog by Tom Goom

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

How to keep your ‘Mojo’ strong

Hypermobility and Sport

Naked Running

The Magic Glutes Part 1

The Magic Glutes Part 2

Scientific Research v’s Common Sense

Whats wrong with the world post graduate training

Isokinetic Pre Season testing in Football

My First Blog