Nothing beats a face to face consultation, but this is not always possible due to time, distance, availability, and cost. Sometimes you just want to talk to a specialist who can point you in the right direction, answer some questions, allay any fears, or give you some advice, guidance and support.

Due to regular demand, Adam is now pleased to offer online consultations via Skype. These have the benefit of being done at a time that suits you, in the privacy of your own home, as well as reducing your travel time and costs.

Adam is an experienced musculoskeletal physio with over 19 years experience. He is an upper limb specialist, focusing mostly on shoulder and neck issues, but he has a wealth of experience with and can consult on any painful condition such as low back pain, neck pain, or lower limb issues. For more information on Adam please read his bio here.

Appointment Details 

60 minute Skype Consultation            £60

30 minute Skype Consultation            £35

All payments are made via PayPal

To make an appointment please send an email to…