Conferences suck… again!

You may have read my blog a couple of years ago about the issues I have with most physio conferences, the high costs, the time away from family, the uncomfortable seating, the boring presentations, the terrible coffee, the limp pastries, and not forgetting the mind-numbing small talk.


Well as I said before there is another way. Online ‘virtual’ conferences. These are, in my opinion, the future. Of course, they won’t and shouldn’t completely replace the physical conference, but they are a great solution to a lot of issues conferences have for most busy clinicians, such as reducing the time, inconvenience and most importantly the cost of attending.

One of the leaders in providing online conferences is Clinical Edge and I was honoured to be one of the presenters at their inaugural Virtual Sports Conference in 2015. I had a great time recording my talk and interacting with the delegates watching and answering questions afterwards and I found the whole thing easy, simple, and highly professional, and so have no concerns in recommending them to you.

So I am delighted to announce that after the success of their first event they are running another sports conference THIS WEEKEND on the 9th – 10th December 2017. This year the line up is even better with some of the worlds top experts on sports injuries and some great looking clinically relevant topics, see the line up below…

  1. Tendinopathy – with Dr Ebione Rio and Dr Sean Docking
  2. Return to play – with David Joyce
  3. S & C – with Dan Lewindon
  4. Hamstring – with David Opar
  5. Hip & Groin – with Dr Adam Weir, Dr Joanne Kemp, and Andrea Mosler
  6. Knee – with Dr Michael Rathleff
  7. Shoulder & Elbow – with Jo Gibson and Dr Bill Vicenzino
  8. Neck – with Kay Robinson

There is over 17 hours of clinical gold there, and all for a fraction of the price you would pay to attend a face to face international conference, and with the added benefit of once you have enrolled you get to listen to it at a time that suits you, in a place that suits you, and as many times as you want.

So if you want to listen to David Joyce whilst waiting for your next patient to turn up, or Jo Gibson whilst on the sofa as the other half watches ‘Strictly-X factor-Get me out of here’, or even Bill Vicenzino whilst brushing your teeth in the morning you can!

So go and enrol now by clicking the picture link below and make sure you don’t miss out on this awesome event and go and tell all your colleagues and tell them Adam sent ya!


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