Going down under…

I’m as excited as a ‘baby roo with two pouches’ to announce that despite some drongo’s best efforts to keep me out, I will be visiting Australia early next year for the first time in over a decade to talk, rant, and rave about all things physio, especially around shoulders. 

As some of you may know I was originally invited to do these courses by a company who for reasons still not fully known decided to cancel more than six months before they were due. The explanation was a lack of interest, which may be true, but who the hell books onto a course 6 months before it’s due?

Anyway, after the cancellation of these courses I was amazed, flattered, and totally taken aback at the number of requests and expressions of interest I got to still come to Australia. So I am!

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I’m happy as a ‘wombat with a didgeridoo’ to say that with the help and support of some amazing local therapists, we have planned an independent series of courses across Australia in February and early March 2018. I will mostly be doing my two-day workshop called ‘The Shoulder; Complex doesn’t have to be Complicated’ that attempts to cut through the endless, confusing, contradictory, gumpf, and bull shit that surrounds all things physio and shoulder pain.

My workshops are open to ALL therapists in ALL professions who work with people in pain who want a more simple and effective way to help. Please bring an open mind and a sense of humour, but don’t expect any fancy scapula algorithms, complex shoulder symptom modification procedures, intricate taping techniques, silly manual therapy, or stupid tri-planar rotator cuff exercises whilst standing on a fucking bosu ball.

Instead expect some strong opinions and even stronger language on how we need a more practical, honest, and evidence-based approach to the assessment and management of the most common causes of shoulder pain. The workshops promise to be fast-paced, informative, informal, but lots of fun with heaps of helpful hints and ideas on that you can put into practice immediately.


Course 1:

Will be Perth on the 24-25th February at the HBF Arena in Joondalup, details and online booking can be found here

Course 2:

Will be in Melbourne on the 3-4th March but unfortunately, this course is now SOLD OUT.

Course 3:

Will be in Sydney and is a 1-day mid-week course on the 7th March at but unfortunately, this course is now SOLD OUT

Course 4:

Will also be in Sydney and another 1-day mid-week course on the 8th March at Balmain Sports Medicine in Rozelle, details and booking can be found here

Course 5:

Finally, I will be finishing in Brisbane on the 10-11th March at Perform 360 in Enoggera, details and online booking can be found here

All the courses have a reduced early bird rate before the 1st of December so get in fast to save yourself some wonga. So don’t be as ‘dull as a dead dingo’s donger’ and come and see what this ‘whinging pom’ has to say for himself and then join me for a few cold stubbies afterwards to talk more shoulders n shit!

Garn ya lil’ ripper…


16 thoughts on “Going down under…

  1. Looking forward to your visit. As you will no doubt find out, Perth is quite a friendly place! But bring your shot gun, just to be on the safe side.

  2. Hi Adam Not sure if the reply function works, but figured I’d have a crack. Wondered if you’d looked at Newcastle, between the Sydney and Brisbane courses? I’d host it, plug it and organise it if you’re keen. Otherwise I’ll see you in Sydney. Any particular reason for only one day in Sydney? If the Melbourne course will be more expansive might get on a plane and come down. Either way glad you’re coming.

    • Thanks for the message and invite to Newcastle. I arranged Sydney as a mid week stop over between my Melbourne and Brisbane courses as can’t stay in Oz for longer than 3 weeks. Thats why its only a one dayer and will be a condensed version of my 2 day course… Happy to do the same in Newcastle if you think there will be interest, you can email me on shouldercourse@hotmail.com if you want to discuss more. Cheers Adam

  3. What about adding nz ???

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    • Hi Lisa, thanks for the message but I just can’t take any more​ time off work or away from the family next year. I am however in discussions for a visit to NZ in 2019 hopefully… Cheers Adam

  4. Hey Adam,
    Awesome news that you’re coming! I just have one question. How come you’re only doing one day in Sydney? What course content will Sydney miss out on?

    • Hi Paul. The Sydney course is only one day as its a mid week course and was added as an extra in-between Melbourne and Brisbane.

      The one day course I do is simply a condensed version of my two day and basically it sacrifices the practical rehab sessions and I don’t get the chance to demolish as much bull shit as I do in the two day course.



  5. Hi Adams

    What has happened about your course in Spain? The same story about old dinosaurios??

    We’d like to see you here.


  6. Bloody Pom – It’s “…as DRY as a dead dingo’s donger…” as in “…dry as a pommies bath towel…”. Now I’ve got to get back to work, so I’m off like a bride’s nightie, and I’ll see you in Melbourne.

  7. I can’t believe what I just read above Adam. A serious misuse of the Aussie lingo…..it ‘dry as a dead dingo’s donger’ not ‘dull’. 🙂 Enjoy the trip and the flak that you’ll undoubtedly get!

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