The Sports Injury Conference of 2016…

Staying up to date with the evidence on any topic can be hard, really hard. The shear volume of research published makes it near impossible for you to read, appraise, and assimilate everything. It can be over whelming trying to work out where to start, and its not long before paraylsis by analysis occurs, and this is never more true than in the constantly changing field of of sports injury.

Sports injury is a huge topic covering many different areas and pathology’s, from the lower and upper limb, as well as the spine. There are traumatic and non traumatic injuries, as well as a host of training error issues, such as over load conditions, all of which have different methods of assessment and management. Just trying to stay on top of one of these areas is a full time job.

However, there is a way that allows you to work full time and still stay on top of all the latest research and current treatment and best practices. Listening to the experts.

So I am really happy to be working with the Clinical Edge team again to bring you another fantastic, world class opportunity to stay up to date and learn more about all types of sports injuries from some of the worlds leading experts in their fields, via a virtual online conference.

Online conferences I think are a great way to learn for the busy modern healthcare professional. Not only do they allow you to learn at a time and pace that suits you, they also save you a load of time, hassle and more importantly cash, as you don’t have to take time of work, or spend loads on travel and accommodation costs. And most importantly you don’t have to sit next to that annoying pillock who keeps fidgeting, making noise, or just smells bad in the lecture hall.

In this upcoming 2 day online conference in December on Sports Injury there will be talks on the upper limb, lower limb, and spine from some of the world leading experts. These talks will not be just all theory based, reviewing dry old literature, instead there is a big focus on practical application of the research and heaps of advice on how to assess and manage sports injuries.

I will be doing a talk on acute traumatic shoulder dislocation often seen in sports, and I will be discussing how to assess and manage them from Day 0 right through to full return to play. I will show you some of my go to rehab principles and exercise ideas, as well as some novel ways I like to keep ‘shit fun’ during rehab. I also discuss some of the physical and psychological factors that may or may not lead to recurrence and what the evidence says are the best options to minimise the risk.

There will also be loads of other great talks from experts such as Enda King on ACLs, Nicol van Dyk on hamstrings, Dr Rod Whiteley on swimmers shoulders, Dr Kieran O’Sullivan on back pain in sport, and many, many more…

Registrarion is currently open NOW! And there is a discounted rate… However, this is only available for a very short period, so don’t miss out.

Simply click on the image below to find out more and sign up quick before its too late…


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