Treating tendinopathy is easy…

Treating tendinopathy is easy… Just load it… But is it that simple?

Despite decades of research and reams of studies on tendinopathy, it is still not a well understood pathology. This was nicely demonstrated when the worlds leading experts on tendinopathy were unable to come up with a definition for what it even is at the recent International Scientific Tendon Symposium last year.

Yet tendinopathy is arguably one of the most common issues we as therapists manage and treat in our clinics, and I don’t know about you, but I often find it challenging and frustrating to manage at times. So wouldn’t it be good if some of the worlds leading experts on tendinopathy were able to tell us all about the lastest research and give us their current thoughts on the best way to assess and manage this tricky condition.

Well guess what, they are!

Professor Jill Cook, Dr Peter Malliaras, Dr Sean Docking, Dr Ebonie Rio, Craig Purdham, and representing the rest of the world that isn’t Australian, our very own UK tendon guru Seth O’Neil, are all working together on an online virtual conference on lower limb tendinopathy.

So if you are interested in hearing from these experts then simply click on the link here or click on the picture below and sign up.

But hurry you only have until 6am this Friday to register before the conference closes, do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

tendon conference registration

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