Conferences suck…

After a fantastic break in the beautiful mountains of Scotland I feel recharged and ready to go again, and its just as well as as I have a couple of conferences to attend over the next month or so. Now as much as conferences can be great learning and networking opportunities, they can also suck.

For example, don’t you hate it when you miss fully hearing what the presenter just said, or that you didn’t get the chance to take down that bullet point or reference just before the presenter clicks onto their next slide.

Or how about when you can’t even see the presenter or their slides due to having to sit right at the back, or even worse, finding yourself sat behind a delegate with the worlds biggest head, unable to see anything at all.

Then there is the issue of trying to say focused for talk, after talk. Two, three, four hours of solid and relentless ‘lecture and projector’ and ‘death by powerpoint’, not to mention the cramped, hard and often uncomfortable conference seating conditions, the terrible coffee, dry boring biscuits, and even drier and more boring small talk you have to endure during the all too quick interval periods.

And to top all of this conference hell off, you usually go and find that the two presentations you really wanted to go and see for the whole event are running at the same time, in different rooms, and find out that all of this has cost you a small fortune, in fees, taking time off work, not to mention precious time away from family and friends

Sound familiar? Well I have some good news for you…

I am really excisted, flattered and humbled to have been asked to participate in an online virtual shoulder conference, hosted by Clinical Edge which I mentioned in my last blog that gave you the 10 minute teaser videos.

Well now its time for the main course.

In the main presentations these experts (and me) discuss various topics around the assessment and management of the shoulder with each talk lasting for around 60 minutes, and each packed with the latest research and current thinking, each promising to offer you valuable clinical relevant information and insight, as well as a unique learning experience.

Not only will you get the opportunity to hear these experts as if they are talking directly to you, but more importantly you will be able to listen and watch these in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, at a time that suits you, drinking your own fabulous coffee, sitting in your own comfy arm chair.

No more missing what a presenter just said, no more sitting behind that annoying big headed dufuss, no more uncomfortable chairs, no more terrible coffee or boring small talk. It will be just you, your laptop, and your arm chair… you can even watch it in your underpants if you want … that’s not obligatory, just an option available to you thanks to a virtual conference.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in full by the presenter. How many times have you wanted to ask something but didn’t due to lack of time, or more likely, due to a reluctance to stand up in front of a room full of people and speak into a microphone.

So this virtual online conference is a going to be winner, and in my opinion the way forward for many conferences in the future.

However this one is only going to be available for a limited time, in fact if you don’t enrol before Friday 19th September you will miss out on this unique learning experience completely…. Forever!

So its best to go and take a look at the speakers and their talks, see what takes your fancy and sign up asap to ensure you dont miss out on this awesome online learning opportunity at a fraction of the expense, but more importantly, at a fraction of the aggravation the usual conferences can cause you.

Simply click on the picture below for more details… then sit back, in your underpants, sipping your gourmet coffee, and enjoy the learning!





2 thoughts on “Conferences suck…

  1. Thanks Adam , you are just like me as conferences go! I think I related my experiences in Vienna conference , they had arranged round tables with chairs in the large foot ball stadium , with a flag I the centre of each table and an expert seated there with the theme he was very good at , say for example , hip dislocation , congenital malformation written on the flag . Any one interested in that topic would join in and converse and elicit information from the expert , get his questions answered in peace , aided by the inevitable large mug of Heiriger ” fresh wine ” from the vineyard to boost ! Well it was a success I must say among many international conferences I attended . , may be you should host the next major event as a morale booster in the style that you like . Reading papers and the poor audience reaction boggles me ,what a waste of precious time . I am a retired orthopedist with traumatology as my special interest , but I have aged beyond active participation . I leave the field to young entrepreneurs like you and your team ! God be with you all , ram Prasad !

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