Free Online Shoulder Learning…

As you may know, I love working with the shoulder, and I am really pleased to offer you a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the worlds leading shoulder experts, for FREE thanks to David Pope and the Clinical Edge team!

They have managed to get together an awesome line up of leading shoulder clinicians and researchers to give you a unique online learning experience,

Experts such as Dr Jeremy Lewis, Dr Anne Cools, Dr Filip Struyf, Dr Mary Magarey, Dr Eric Hegadus, and the fabulous Jo Gibson… and somehow me, although I’m not quite sure how I have been included in such a prestigious line up, think it must have been an administrative error or something…

Anyway, these exceptional experts (and myself) have got together to provide you with a comprehensive online shoulder seminar cover all aspects of assessment and treatment that will be launched very soon.

In the meantime there are a series of pre-presentations by each talker that you can get completely FREE. This week Dr Hegedus discuss different methods of clinical reasoning, Dr Cools discusses clinical exams for shoulder instability and I discuss shoulder internal rotation deficits and ‘When is a GIRD not a GIRD?’

Others will be released over the next coming weeks before the full online seminar goes live.

You can access these pre-talks by simply clicking the picture below, entering your email that’s only needed to avoid spammers, then sit back and enjoy…

Shoulder ax rx video LM 600W larger writing


2 thoughts on “Free Online Shoulder Learning…

  1. I love this. I recently tore something on my shoulder, and I am looking to get better and just improve on it so that it never happens again.

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