I am “The Sports Physio”… NO, I am…

So my first post of 2013 is bit different, as this is more of a rant on a matter I have had thrust onto me regarding professional titles and web page addresses, so if you would rather wait for a more normal blog then one will be following soon.

So let’s start from the beginning. I have been a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for over 12 years, and before that I gained qualifications in and worked as a personal trainer, and as Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I have been involved in some form of sport for as long as I can remember and have worked closely with hundreds (if not more) athletes at various levels, across multiple sports and disciplines. This includes three years working in professional first team elite level football, and still involves me consulting and working with top level sports clubs including premiership football and rugby clubs. I lecture on sports injury prevention and treatment, I  and have been published peer reviewed journals and in national and local press on this subject, finally I work on a day to day basis in a multi disciplinary setting that included sports injury and I see a wide variety of both sports and general musculoskeletal problems.

Now I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet here or show you how brilliant I am… But rather wish to highlight that with this background and history I feel I can class myself as a ‘Sports Physio’.

However, about 10 months ago, I found myself with some rare and unusual spare time on my hands and with no courses, essays, or other commitments constantly going on 24/7, I thought I would try blogging.

So I found a free blog platform called WordPress (excellent by the way) and went through the registration process, including deciding what to call my blog, for which I had a few suggestions rejected as already taken and some that just didn’t sound right. Eventually the title of ‘The Sports Physio’ came to mind, it was available, I liked the sound of it and so the http://www.thesportsphysio.wordpress.com was launched, together with my twitter account @adammeakins ‘The Sports Physio’

I started with a few silly little blogs on this and that and then decided that I wanted to use my blog as a source of information for the general public and physios alike. It wasn’t going to be groundbreaking stuff, I wasn’t planning on writing high level meta analysis or in depth jargon busting pieces. I just wanted to put out some simple, down to earth, straight forward, clear and evidence based advice and information on various topics around physiotherapy treatments and sporting injuries. 

This was all done in my own time, not as a business venture, not to make money, just for my own curiosity and enjoyment with maybe just a touch of self promotion and publicity. 

I also found it a very useful way for me to go over my own understanding and knowledge on areas, as well as keep myself abreast of the current evidence and research out there, as all who work in this industry know, it is constantly changing.

However, to be honest I didn’t think my commitment or attention span would last too long for it, nor did i think many people wold be interested in hearing what I had to say. But to my surprise people did and more importantly I really, really enjoyed blogging and tweeting, and I still do.

Now some that know me may not be that surprised to hear this at all, as they will tell you that I do like the sound of my own voice, and I am partial to a good ol’ controversial and heated debate, and I do love trying to get my point across and convert people away from the nonsense and gimmicks in the physio world. So blogging is a perfect platform for this.

But what I have also really enjoyed and what has surprised me the most is the interaction with so many wonderful and great people all over the world in all walks of life, from the general population and sporting world as well as ‘meeting’ (if you can class talking on Twitter as meeting?) a wide and vast spectrum of people in the diverse therapy and rehab world, and I mean world, from USA to Australia to the Far East even countries I never heard of (I was always poor at geography).

Honestly, where could you get this level of interaction with some of the worlds top doctors, scientists and therapists without having to pay to go on some far flung conference somewhere and suffer death by PowerPoint together with good awful coffee and sitting in cramped lecture halls trying not to fall asleep only to get 2 minutes with the presenter after the conference has finished, Nowhere, so I think Twitter and blogs are an invaluable resource and one that I am wholeheartedly going to continue to use and contribute too for the foreseeable future, and its a resource that I fully recommend to all therapists I meet and work with, and believe that its the future for learning and sharing.

Anyway back onto the point at issue. All was all going well, up until last week. Imagine my shock, horror, confusion and dismay when I get an email via a WordPress administrator saying that they have had an ‘Abuse‘ compliant logged against my blog….

“Whaaaaatttt….” was my initial reaction,

But then I read on, it seems that the owner of ‘http://www.thesportsphysio.com‘ who has a clinic called the Sports Physio based in Cumbria UK, thinks that my site abusing her professional identity and is causing confusion and mistaken identity with her company and infringing on her title of The Sports Physio and demands that I cease using my blog immediately.

So I tired to contact them directly but got not reply or response, so this is my rather public reply as I assume you are monitoring my site as it causes you so much angst and distress.

Right, deep breath… Firstly as I see it no one has the right, ownership, trademark or whatever else you want to call it on the title of ‘The Sports Physio‘ just like no-one owns the title of ‘neuro physiotherapist’, or ‘respiratory physiotherapist’ or ‘orthopaedic physiotherapist’.

Neither you nor I are the only Sports Physio’s and to think you are entitled to this accolade in isolation is absurd. In fact I’m not even sure we both deserve the title of Sports Physio’s especially as I have been on Twitter a while now and have read lots of other excellent blogs by much more qualified and experienced sports physios than us.

Secondly, just because my blog has a similar sounding address as yours, is, as far as I’m aware, and I have checked this legally, basically TOUGH SHIT… The domain name was free to register when I did and so, if you were that concerned and wanted to ‘corner’ this area then you should have registered this address before me. In fact there are a whole host of other website addresses all with a similar title or derivative of Sports Physio or Sports Physiotherapist or Sporting Physio etc etc in their address, so to ask for my WordPress page to stop but not the others is again absurd, insulting and TOUGH….

Lastly the insecurity and audacity for one person or company to feel that they have the right to call themselves ‘The Sports Physio‘ and ask that no one else can use the same title is sad, disappointing, pathetic, repugnant and a whole host of other emotions.

So I will round up and finish with my final thoughts by saying categorically that I will NOT be changing or stopping my blog. It is something I really enjoy doing. Yes it has a similar address to your company, but as I’ve said before TOUGH SHIT, now go and concentrate on something more important in life, like helping your clients. 

Thanks for reading and as always…

Happy exercising


NB post blog publication news 


So it has come to light after I posted this blog, that these clowns using the web site and clinic title of the sports physio arent even qualified physiotherapists. They are Sports Therapist, who for ever reasons unknown has decided to call herself a physiotherpist.

Now the title of physiotherapist is protected by law and governed by the Health Profrssions Council and wheels have been set in motion. The fact you dare to ask me not to call myself The Sports Physio and you aren’t even one drives me even more crazy and hell hath no fury like a sports physio poked… Especially this one…

Also why there is this need for some professionals to call themselves by others titles is beyond me ( I have come across this before). Its not your title that earns your respect and admiration its your skills and results whether you’re a physio, sports therapists, osteo, chiro, personal trainer, coach, soft tissue therapists etc etc

That’s it I’m done!


9 thoughts on “I am “The Sports Physio”… NO, I am…

  1. Ok to add a little infuriating twist to this story. After posting this, I have since found out that Miss X, nor anyone working at her Sports Physio clinic are actually state registered physiotherapists, now the ‘title’ of physio and physiotherapist is protected and its illegal to use the title if not qualified.

    So Miss X rest assured I have put the powers that be into action and I’m sure official action will be taking effect soon, and I will be rejoicing in the irony of it all, and perhaps even enjoying the availability of your soon to be defunct web address.

    You prat, unbelievable

  2. Hi Adam, following this with interest as I am having similar problems with local “physios”. Can you let us know what the outcome is as I have been informed after complaining about similar things that Physio isnt protected by the the HPC but physiotherapist and physical therapist are?? Seems a bit of a waste of time protecting physiotherapist if someone can sell themselves as a sports physio!

    • Hi Mark

      I will let you know what the HPC say, as you say it seems daft that physio which is an everyday used abbreviation for physiotherapist is not protected, does that mean I can call myself a Doc??? I think not

      We shall see what they say

      Thanks for reading and your comments



  3. Adam, what you are doing is great because you are able to help the people when they are in pain or suffering from injuries. Whatever it is you want to call yourself, keep it up. Sometimes money can’t buy happiness but when you see other people happy because of what you do, that is worth something right?

    • Hi Jan, the HCPC did investigate but were unable to do anything due to the website displying a disclaimer at the bottom saying they offer no physio services, seems there is a loop hole in the protected title where anyone can call themselves a physio as long as they show a disclaimer saying the dont offer physio services… Which is crazy in my opinion

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