The Magic Glutes (Part 2)

So in my earlier post The Magic Glutes (Part 1) I promised you some short video demonstrations of the band walks that I described. I think these work exceptionally well for improving the endurance, strength and capacity of the glutes and although theres no research to prove these have high EMG or MVIC I challenge anyone to do 3-4 sets of these three simple exercises, just ten steps each, then feel the effects the next day and tell me that they don't work the glutes A LOT.

Again there is a debate about are these the most 'functional' exercises for glute activation and strengthening due to the nature of the band and the eccentric v concentric phases not being mimicked exactly as when you run, but they are quick, easy and relatively simple to do, and not to mention great at keeping your 'derrière' taut, tight and in peak and perky condition.

So here they are… this first video is a quick intro into why and what you will need for the band walks…

Glute Band Walks Intro

This video is a demo of the 'Crab Walk'

Crab Walk

This video is a demo of the 'Waltz Walk'

The Waltz

Finally this is a demo of the 'Pee'd your pants Walk'

The Pee'd Pants

So there we go, my first attempt at video blogging, I think the kids call it “vlogging” I found it a little stange, talking to my iPhone in the middle off my sleepy village green, and im still getting to grips with the downloading format etc so i hope my IT skills are ok…

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them so please leave me a comment… be gentle… its my first time.

If these go down well then I might do more on my favorite rehab and prehab exericses and drills that I have learnt and picked up through the years.

Thanks for reading and watching



PS I was having a bad hair day 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Magic Glutes (Part 2)

  1. Thank you for the mention of our Physiother Theory & Pract 2012 lit review article on emg of glute med and max. Good to see interest in the topic. Great website! Mike

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