My first ever blog

So this is it, my first attempt at ‘blogging’. Never thought I would be here. I thought blogs were just for geeks and nerds, although I guess some consider me to be one of those.

So who am I, and what am I going to be blogging about you may or may not be asking…

Well my name is Adam, nice to meet you… I am, and have been a physiotherapist for over 10 years. I am one of those fortunate people who love my job, it’s both my passion and hobby.

I love human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology, psychology and a touch of philisophy. I am fascinated by the human body and mind. It’s complexity and it’s simplicity, it’s resilience and it’s fragility, and it’s on this subject that I will be blogging the most, it’s what I know and love the most and tend to bore people with often.

So about me, if you’re interested.

I entered the Physio profession later than most, and before I became a physio, I worked as a personal training, but soon wanted more. So I trained as a Strength and Conditioning coach, but still wanted more, so I somehow ended up managing to blag my way onto a physiotherapy degree, and the rest as they say is history.

My physio career has had its twists and turns like most. Initially after graduation I worked for the NHS as a junior physio learning the trade for a few years rotating in varying areas. I then I went to work in the private sector, and began to work in local sports clubs, with a few part time jobs with some local football, rugby, cricket and running clubs over the years.

I then got a job as a senior MSK physio for Bupa in one of their private hospitals in Bushey, Hertfordshire, where under the guidance of one of the country’s leading shoulders surgeons I started my journey towards specialising in the management of the shoulder.

After a few years at Bushey I was fortunate to gain a job as a first team physio for Watford Football Club for three very enjoyable seasons, with me covering the role of head of sports medicine during a turbulent transition phase of managers and back room staff that was both challenging and exciting. As usual in professional football with new managers comes new back room staff and it was during this transition that I was eventually ‘let go’ from Watford FC. I went back to work with Bushey Hospital now owned by Spire Healthcare and became their Clinical Lead and continued my specialism with the shoulder.

Not only do I have a particular interest in the shoulder, but also sports injuries. In particular I have a personal interest in endurance sports due to personally loving running long distance. I find myself researching this area for my own personal reasons and in an effort to find what will keep my ageing body going. I also have a interest in tendons and find this an interesting and commonly encountered problem area myself and in my clinics

Finally I would like you to know that I am a skeptical, cynical and outspoken bugger, who can be stubborn to a point and likes to play devils advocate, much to the annoyance of some many people. I have learned, the hard way, not to take research, evidence or the anacedotes of physio guru’s lightly. I have been on far too many courses and listened to far too many so called experts, pontificating this and claiming that with downright dubious, outlandish and ridiculous claims to know that they are usually all talking crap.

I have a desire to promote not only a more evidence based way or thinking and practice within the profession, but a more open, honest and simple way, with less reliance and promotion of passive treatments such as manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture or any thing else that requires a therapist to do something to a patient. Instead to be more active in the promotion of exercise better in its prescription.

So there you go, my first blog, a brief intro about who I am and why I am doing this and where my experiences, qualifications and skills come from. I hope you join me and read my stuff from time to time and your comments are always welcome… Good and ‘constructive’ alike



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  1. Hi Adam,

    I recently discovered you on Twitter, loved your posts and re-posted couple of them on Twitter and also on my Facebook page.
    I am just learning about blogging etc, and plan to do more of it in the future. I wonder if you would not mind that I share some of your images or refer to your comments or quotes? I would definitely refer to you but I am not sure which link do you prefer me using?
    I wonder if you could look at my Facebook post: and let me know if you’d like me to do it differently, please? Thanks.



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